Mom O'Brien
My mother who also enjoyed drawing and painting.
A retired ballet dancer who enjoys portrait modeling.
A new kindergarten teacher who enjoys educating young children.
Freedom Fighter
Edward (Ned) Hector, Proctor's 3ed PA.,Artillery
Born 1743 / Died 1834, he lived to the age of 90. Fought in the 'Battle of Brandywine" and the "Germantown Battle". He was known to operate a Business and a Freeman. As a soldier he fought as a teamster and was in the Revolutionary War. He was a soldier receiving a one time payment instead of a pension. A street was named after him in Plymouth, PA. The actor's name is Noah Lewis.
A retired high school teacher who enjoys participating with the boy scouts.
Martha Washington was born in 1731, in Kent County, Virginia. Her full name was Martha Dandridge Custis at the time Martha met Colonel George Washington and they later married in 1759. As the years progressed, Martha not only was a wife and a mother but also an estate manager. Who took on the responsibility of arranging major social events for the presidential home in New York and Philadelphia, thus setting the precedent and standards of the future first ladies. She became known as "Lady Washington". This portrait is portrayed by Alisa Dupuy, who is founder of "Ladies of History, "which represents and first person portraits.