Fee & Commission Information
I (artist) will come to your home or office to paint in your personal surrounding or invite you to have a session at the studio. I will encourage a portrait session and a photo shoot to gather information, this will generally last a day. I will require preliminary sketches making a color composition study to show you (client) for approval. The work of art is then created, time of completion is discussed.
The visual design will start with a Head and Shoulders or Half Length with Hands or Full Length. Three major positions with many variations of poses.

All paintings are completed with the finest grade materials and painted on linen canvas, created in the time honored tradition of classical painting. Painting with one focus, you.

Framing: My reputable framer has quality frames at reasonable prices. If you would like to use my framer, please let me know during the consultation. I would be honored to assist you in any design that would complement the painting. Details will be discussed that relate to the finished painting when it is complete.

Fee: Each portrait is priced individually to suit the client's needs. The pricing of the work of art depends on the size and complexity of the content and subject matter. In consideration of artist's services, purchaser shall pay artist the total purchase price in installments, a payment schedule. Please feel free to contact the artist for pricing information and to discuss an agreement that will work for the artist and client and followed in good faith.

"My goal is to create a one of a kind work of art that will be cherished for generations"

A $300.00 non-refundable deposit will insure your commission place in line and be deducted from the portrait balance. Portraits are priced by body part and the desired complexity around the subject including size of picture.

Pencil and Charcoal Portraits fees depending on size, location and details.

All travel expenses incurred by the artists are additional. Sales Tax is additional where it applies.

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Noah writes...
The nice thing about being a living historian is that it allows me to go places and experience life from other perspectives. Sometimes it takes me to unexpected places, like the inside of an artist studio. Such was my adventure with Thomas O'Brien. I met Tom at the Chadd's Ford Days event when he asked me if I would be interested in posing for a painting. I accepted and went on a journey in a new world with Tom. While Thomas O'Brien was constructing my Ned Hector persona on canvas, he allowed me to take on the eyes and mind of the artist, in which I explored the world of an artist, creating a work of art. This painting means a lot to me. It represents a journey into a new world for me that was not understood –seeing- the patience of an artist. I became knowledgeable of Tom's artist endeavors.

Alisa writes…
I am so pleased with the results of my experience with Thomas O'Brien. He is methodical, precise and always kept me abreast of the process. I was looking for a historical-looking portrait to showcase myself as Martha Washington who is one of my main first person portrayal characters in my business "The Ladies of History". Thomas completely delivered the "look" I was going for. His prices are very fair and the process was fun. I highly recommend Thomas for any portrait painting needs.

John Miller writes…
Since the movie 'The Bucket List," I have always wanted to have my portrait painted. As I look back on the experience I have to smile because the image I had formed in my mind was based on a Hollywood view of portrait painting. Yes, you do have to sit and hold a pose, but it is much more of an experience than a task. I think that it had a lot to do with Tom O'Brien. Day one came! Tom had greeted me at the door and led me into his studio. This helped to put me at ease. Tom took some photographs and we decided on a pose that would be comfortable for me. I would fine in the coming weeks that having one's portrait done is a partnership between subject and artist. I always felt I was a part of the creative process because the sittings were enjoyable. Tom took time to explain in a way that I could understand- the process in painting a portrait in oil. Tom was always positive and helpful. Finally, the big day arrived, my last sitting! Although I was excited about seeing the completed portrait, I also realized my Tuesday night sittings would end and our joint participation in the creative process would end. I had a lot of fun. Tom had most of the work, but you can tell Tom loves what he is doing. The love of his craftsmanship and his talent rubs off on you!